How to Learn Maths At AAT Level 3

Aat Level 3 is equivalent to a CELTA, Aat Level 2 is equivalent to A Levels, Aat Level 1 is equivalent to QA Levels. With at Level 2, you receive exemptions from further degree courses at more than 30 universities across UK.


Aat Level 1 is your first starting level and there are no examinations required to obtain your qualifications. You can take up to four at Level 1 subjects to become qualified. As you progress through the levels you will have to sit examinations to prove that you have progressed to the next level aat level 2.


Aat Level 2 covers subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, English Literature and Art History. Aat Level 1 covers subjects such as English Literature, Business, Psychology and Business Studies.


Aat Level 3 covers subjects like English Literature, Social Studies and Drama. Aat Level 2 covers subjects like Psychology, Business Studies and History. Aat Level 1 covers subjects such as Business, Psychology and History.


All subjects are written and exams are required to progress through the qualifications in at Level 1. In addition, you will have to demonstrate your understanding of the material in a written examination.


You must be aware that Aat Level 1 doesn’t give you any practical experience or qualifications to apply for university courses. The qualification is designed purely to gain a degree and get into higher education. Some universities require their students to complete at Level 2 before being allowed to continue with higher studies.


Aat Level 1 isn’t the only way to gain a degree, however aat level 3. In fact, many universities now offer two separate programs to students who wish to earn both a university degree and a degree in a related discipline.


Both programs can be taken in parallel or in conjunction with the other and can lead to an enhanced university degree and a bachelor’s degree. {or two bachelor’s degrees. {or even more degrees. {or even four bachelor’s degrees. {or even six degrees. {or eight degrees. {or more degrees. {or even twelve degrees. {or more degrees. {or even twenty degrees! with a university degree is much more impressive than a degree obtained by someone who has taken just one Aat level.


With that said, it’s always best to consider that while taking at Level 3, you may not qualify for all of the subjects you may need to finish your degree. {for example you may be unable to take Maths. {in which case you may need to take Maths AAT Levels 2 & 3. But not be able to go on to study Maths AAT Levels 4 & 5 because Maths was not part of your syllabus at AAT Level 1.


This means that if you don’t qualify for Maths AAT Levels 4 & 5, you’ll still be qualified for some subjects and not for others. {sitting on waiting lists will mean that if you decide later on that you want to study Maths at a later stage, you’ll have to wait until you’ve taken AAT Level 3, taking Maths AAT Level 4 and then taking it again will ensure that you are qualified for subjects such as Calculus. {, as you may be, but won’t be able to take Calculus AAT Levels 4 & 5. or other further Maths.

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