Class Schedule

  APRIL ~ JUNE 2014

“Spirituality is not some external goal…..
but part of the divine core of each of us, which we must reveal.
For the yogi, spirit is not separate from body.”~ BKS Iyengar


Day/Time Teacher Class Cost* Notes
9-10 am Chelsea Danielle

Restorative Flow 1-3

Suggested donation $5-10

10:15-11:45 am Catarina Wolmar

Community Class 1-2+

Suggested donation $5-10

6:30-7:30 pm Kerry Greene & Monique Michel

Belly Dance-All levels

$10 drop-in;$40/5


8:30-10 am Amy Cooper Levels 2-3 $60/5; $100/10 (2x/week); $14/drop-in

10:15-11:45 am

Catarina Wolmar

Community Class 1-2

Suggested donation $5-10

5-6:30 pm Amy Cooper Levels 1-3 $60/5; $100/10 (2x/week); $14/drop-in

Starts May 6


10:15-11:45 am

Catarina Wolmar

Community Class 1-2+

Suggested donation $5-10

8:30-10 am Amy Cooper Levels 2-3 $60/5; $100/10 (2x/week); $14/drop-in
10:15-11:45 am Catarina Wolmar Community Class 1-2

Suggested donation $5-10

3:30-4:30 pm

Kelly McKree

Kid's Yoga:Ages 3-7

$7 drop-in: ONLY: April 3, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 29

5:30-7 pm

Catarina Wolmar

Community Class

Suggested donation $5-10

7:15-8:30 pm


Kundalini Yoga

Suggested donation $5-10

8:30-10 am Metta Kolding

Levels 1-3

$40/5;$10 drop-in

10:15-11:45 am Chelsea Danielle Community Flow 1-2+

Suggested donation $5-10

8:30-10 am Amy Cooper Levels 1-3 $60/5; $100/10 (2x/week); $14/drop-in
10:15-11:45 am Liv Vaughan

Community Class 1-2

Suggested donation $5-10

9:30-11 am Chelsea Danielle Community Flow 1-2+ Suggested donation $5-10

Make checks payable to individual teachers.

PRECAUTIONS: If you have a current or recent injury and/or are pregnant, please inform your teacher before class. In certain cases, poses may be modified to meet the needs of the student.

We Are Toxin Free! We appreciate that you do not wear perfumes, colognes, or other scented body products (detergents, fabric softeners, hair staighteners, etc.), as these are toxic to us and our environment and cause severe toxic reactions in some people!

Class Descriptions

Yoga pose, Amy Cooper, Shasta Yoga Center

Level 1: beginning; emphasizing foundations of posture and breath, and establishing a healthy mind/body connection.
Level 2:
for continuing students; all aspects of level 1, Sun Salutes, preparations for inverted postures and for those who want to deepen their practice. Level 2+ includes preparation for inverted postures.
Level 3:
for students with prior experience; some Vinyasa flow, building strength more intensively, including inversions and exploring more advanced poses.

Community Classes are geared toward a Level 1-2 or Level 1-2+; an exchange is necessary to continue to offer these classes by donation! Suggested donation $5-$10.

Community Flow is a meditative, centering practice which builds strength and flexibility while connecting breath with movement, in a style also known as Flow or Vinyasa Flow, reflecting the graceful way the poses connect. Suggested donation $5-$10.

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic and powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of the Infinite. In a Kundalini class we practice asanas, mantras, pranayam, and meditation. A regular practice can provide stress relief, healing of the body and mind, balance of the nervous and glandular systems, increase in personal power, and spiritual clarity. This is a yoga for every body regardless of experience, strength, or flexibility.

Introduction to Yoga offers the fundamentals of yoga poses, correct alignment, connecting breath & movement, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare you for ongoing class participation.

Restorative yoga is designed to recharge our energy reserves, heal the effects of stress, and bring our nervous systems into a more balanced state. This practice creates the conditions to release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Supportive props in each asana encourage the body and mind to relax. Appropriate for students of All levels.

Kids' Yoga Play Class is for children ages 3-7,  with parents/caregivers welcome as well! Through imaginative play and games we will explore yoga and movement combined with cooperation and community.

Restorative Flow begins with gentle yoga poses to wake up the breath and warm the body, then the rest of class is restorative yoga postures inspiring deep relaxation, stress release, and melting away layers of tension in body and mind.

"I had always wanted to take a yoga class but afraid it would be too hard. I took one right before my climb to the top of Mt. Shasta with the Breast Cancer Fund. It was not only calming, centering and easy for a beginner, but also spiritually awakening to my inner space." -Dr Shanhong Lu

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